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Lavish Soy-Blend Wax Candle (15 oz. Ceramic)

Lavish Soy-Blend Wax Candle (15 oz. Ceramic)

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Lavish attempts to capture the wonderful aromas found in some of the finest of places, five star hotels, designer boutiques, etc.  

Maybe you're on a leather upholstered luxury jet headed who knows where, or perhaps you're perusing the boutique of a beautiful hotel just after checking in.

Light this one up, sit back, and let your imagination take you where it will.

Purely Lavish | Soy-Blend Wax Candle

Fragrance Notes:

•Cedar •Sandalwood •Powder •Leather •Oud •Tonka Bean •Light & Dark Musk •Patchouli •Jasmine •Lavender •Amber •Vanilla

27.50 oz. wt. / Net wt. 12 oz.

Use Instructions:

Trim wicks to 1/4" before each use. Only burn for 3-4 hours at a time to ensure a proper melt pool. Do not burn for over 4 hours. Keep your candle on a flat, level, heat-resistant surface. Never leave unattended when lit. Keep all flammables & any foreign materials out of & away from your lit candle.

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